Barn Design Advice

 “It needs to be easy, otherwise you’ll do it once or twice and never again”.
Planning to build a new barn? Or thinking about renovating your current barn? And besides wanting the best for your cows, do you want to enjoy the work yourself? If so, at Vetvice you’ve come to the right place. Vetvice provides independent advice on designing, renovating and building barns for dairy cattle, special-needs groups and young stock. Advice with a special focus on your cows and their health, work efficiency, simplicity and the future (your future).


Also interested in independent advice from Vetvice? We can provide advice in various forms, in more or less detail, for whole barns or just part of the barn, one-to-one or in groups. It makes no difference, but… your cows are always at the centre!
For personal advice, we offer the following options/packages:

Comprehensive barn design package

For more comprehensive advice and support throughout the construction process, opt for the Comprehensive Barn Design Package. This package is an extension of the Standard Barn Design Package, with two follow-up visits and a number of contacts during the actual renovation or construction process. It also includes the Specifications and Contractor Consultation and the Vetvice Workscan (see below).


Basic barn design package

This package includes a farm visit in which our barn design consultants come to you to discuss your plans and options. Following this visit, you receive a sketch and a consultancy report. Based on this sketch, you can have a final design prepared by the draughtsman or contractor. Lastly, our consultant will discuss the final design with you over the telephone.