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Thick fraction of slurry as cubicle bedding

The use of the thick fraction of slurry as cubicle bedding is receiving a lot of attention, and rightly so in our view. The main fear is that of potential problems with elevated cell counts and mastitis. In 2008, researchers from New York’s Cornell University monitored six farms using thick fraction over the course of a year, compared them with sixty other farms, and conducted a literature search. They concluded that:

1. The use of thick fraction appears promising and does not seem to pose any problems in terms of udder health. However, vigilance is called for.
2. Composting of thick fraction appears unnecessary.

A large-scale practical study is also underway in the Netherlands, led by Valacon Dairy. We are curious to learn its results.

Literature search on sand cubicles, welfare and health

Commissioned by Vetvice, four students carried out a literature search on the use of sand in cubicles and its effects on the health, welfare and production of dairy cows. The students were taking the International Master’s course in Animal Welfare at HAS Den Bosch and Writtle College.

Sand: a review of its use in housed dairy cows