Training & Lectures

Barn Design Training Courses

Vetvice organises the following barn design training courses:

Robotic milking

Building a robotic milking barn is a source of great uncertainty for many farmers, but also for advisers.

Which is a logical response, because we’ve been using robots for a relatively short time so there is still a lot to learn and much room for improvement. Vetvice also organises lectures or training courses on robotic milking. We have built up broad experience of different barn designs and different types of milking robots.

Our biggest compliment from a participant: “You are not selling anything, but you’re helping me learn how to use one in my new barn.”

Interactive presentation

The Vetvice barn design consultants also give very successful interactive presentations. Aided by a huge archive of practical photos, they take their audience through the various stages of designing a barn with a future.

Of course, they do it all in the Vetvice style: active, practical, and a lot of interaction with the audience. Presentations last around two and a half hours. Two one-hour sessions for the presentation, and half an hour for the Q&A.
The cost of this presentation, which takes a whole morning, afternoon or evening, is € 795,- excluding 19% VAT and travel costs. Travel costs include travelling time and traffic delay risk, and are € 0.75 per km.



Building for large herds of cows

How do I translate all the cow signals and cow needs to barn design? How do I ensure that my cows produce for one or two lactations longer in my new or renovated barn?

Every day, many mistakes and false economies are still being made in barn designs. The cow’s needs are clear. We’re not talking about cow comfort any more, but about cow basics.

In this training course we introduce farmers and advisers to different ideas and concepts. We illustrate practical examples and common mistakes from 20 different countries. Together with farmers, we try to find the best compromise. So we look at the cow, but also at the farmer. The solution needs to be affordable and easy to achieve. And, potentially, the barn space may have to be used differently or extended in the future.

Good cow health, welfare and production are the basis for a successful farm. So build a barn which makes that possible.“Bring the pasture into the barn”  The 6 freedoms of the pasture should also be present in the barn. Make sure the cows have plenty of feed, water, light, air, rest and space.

The health of the cows also depends on good hygiene, low infection pressure and low threat from disease. Effective vaccination programmes and prompt and effective treatment for disease are a prerequisite.  Invest in useful solutions such as a calving area, changing area, proper hoof trimming area, selection gate and treatment area.



Quotes from participants:

  • “I’ve learned that you can build big and low-cost”

  • “It’s very important to avoid cows waiting about”

  • “You want a better idea of your high-risk animals, especially the 2 week post-calving group”

  • “As a farmer you tend to be very quick to say: yes, but it can’t be done. But you need to be open to new ideas.”