Cow Signals Books

The books in the Cow Signals series contain practical tips and information on the topics of Cow Signals, Hoof Health, Young Stock (From calf to heifer), Udder Health and Fertility. This series puts the cow at the centre.

Author Jan Hulsen guarantees the quality of the information and the extensive practical content. All of the books contain clear and concise text and a wealth of photographs and illustrations. The questions challenge you to put the knowledge to work directly.

All of the books are available in a number of languages. Click the appropriate book for an overview. Vetvice provides lectures and in-barn training courses on all topics. Based on our teaching motto: Confrontational, Fun, Informative and Practical.

Cow Signals

From calf to heifer

Udder Health

Hoof Signals

Cow Signals Checkbook

Dry period, special needs and treatment


Feeding Signals

Udder health - Large herd

Cow Signals Checkbook Pocket edition

Robotic Milking 

Building for the cow

Cow Signals Seasonal Grazing

Kiwi Cow Signals