Pig Signals

“Cats look down on us, dogs look up to us, but pigs treat us as equals.” Winston Churchill.

Pigs are constantly giving out information about their health, their well-being and their performance. The art, your art, is to pick up these signals and use them. To monitor and improve the care, nutrition and housing of your pigs.

Successful pig keeping is about working carefully and putting the health and well-being of the pig at the centre. A mistake made yesterday may lead to problems tomorrow. So take action now. Looking, thinking, doing: the core of this book.


Vets Kees Scheepens and Jan Hulsen have collected their knowledge and experience together in this practical reference book. Kees Scheepens is a pig expert and keeps pigs himself. Jan Hulsen has a record of service as the co-developer of the CowSignals and PigSignals concepts. Both men were born and raised on farms with pigs.

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