Communication & Strategy

Vetvice is keen to share its expertise and experience in fields such as communication, marketing and product/business strategy. Our staff are frequently engaged to provide advice and training in these fields, with extension services, farmer's organisations, veterinary practices and commercial companies.

Most of these cases involve commercial undertakings which, with our help, are able to communicate their knowledge better and/or to reach their customers even more effectively. We are proud of the contribution we have made to recent national projects aiming to promote knowledge and management qualities in the dairy sector:

- Satellite project ‘Healthy Animals, Healthy Farm’ 

- Extension project on Fighting Johne’s disease

- Dutch Udder Health Centre (UGCN)



By the way, what do you think of this logo, The Udderman, drawn for us by Herman Roozen? The Udderman encourages the Double Five Programme, which is used by QMPS (www.qmps.vet.cornell.edu) in the United States.  In fact, this is a practical presentation of the 10 Points Programme used by the National Mastitis Council