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Advisory Skills

Want to learn how things work, to learn something new? Would you be delighted if you could just find a different way to approach things? If so, at Vetvice you’ve come to the right address!

The Advisory Skills course helps you to become a more fully-rounded adviser. Excellent specialist knowledge is the start of giving effective advice. Advisory skills complete the package!




Marketing and sales, as if we care…
It’s easy to be laissez-faire about it, but something will have to be done to get our products to the consumer.‘Be good and tell it’. If you don’t say anything, no-one will know they can come to you.


Train the trainer

How do I become a good trainer? How do I achieve my aims with this group? I’d like to come across a bit better in presentations.
How do I get good interaction with the group?
What do I do with that awkward customer who’s going to ruin the whole process?



Hello there,

How are you doing today?
You often get on better if you spend less time talking and living at cross purposes. This basis for this is listening, summarising and asking questions.

This is not the same as getting your own views or ideas in straight away… or just listening silently… There are many methods of getting through to your fellow man more closely.



More Vetvice training courses?

Vetvice trains people such as vets, field staff and consultants in the organisation of study group meetings, in sales techniques and in advisory skills. We operate in a large number of countries, partly in the context of the Certified CowSignals Trainer Programme.

Apart from working in practice on a daily basis, our staff’s strengths lie in the combination of specialist knowledge of the dairy sector with knowledge of the agricultural and veterinary world, plus substantive expertise in fields such as marketing, communication, (product) management, business administration and strategy.

Discuss the options with your Vetvice contact, ring us or send an e-mail.

Vetvice has been training people in the green sector for more than 16 years now.


Through CowSignals®, we have become specialists in cow and human body language. Over the years we have built up unique knowledge of the behaviour of farmers and advisers throughout Europe. We translate these PeopleSignals into practical, useful information and skills.

People are always satisfied and invigorated after taking our courses, because they have gained additional insight into themselves and their environment.

A new, fresh perspective on the business!

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