Advisory Skills

Want to learn how things work, to learn something new? Would you be delighted if you could just find a different way to approach things? If so, at Vetvice you’ve come to the right address!

The Advisory Skills course helps you to become a more fully-rounded adviser. Excellent specialist knowledge is the start of giving effective advice. Advisory skills complete the package!

The practical efficacy of advice is based, in the end, on a combination of three aspects: content, acceptance and management. By itself, quality in terms of content doesn’t automatically make for a successful adviser. This continuing education course is an excellent way of further enhancing your professionalism. Together with colleagues, you are taken through a practical, in-depth and interactive programme.

After the course:
1. You have an understanding of the complexity of the advisory process;
2. You are able to choose the right advisory strategy in a wide range of situations;
3. You have expanded your own behavioural repertoire.

Many enthusiastic participants have gone before you:
"…a must for every adviser…"



Is excellent specialist knowledge enough to give effective advice?

E = f(K x A x M)

According to the above formula*, three aspects determine the effectiveness of advice given:
- the technical quality of the advice;
- the extent to which the people concerned accept the advice;
- the quality of the management of the advisory project and of the implementation of the advice.
( * H. Natans, Adviseren als tweede beroep)

For truly valuable advice, therefore, top-quality content is not enough in itself! You need more than specialist knowledge, namely advisory skills. 

Specially for people in the green sector who want to improve the quality of the advice they give, Vetvice organises its Advisory Skills training course. In this course, with its practical focus, you learn how to increase the efficiency of the advice you give. So that your customers are 100% satisfied and keen to invite you back for the next advisory assignment.

After completing this training course you are a more fully-rounded adviser. You have gained an understanding of the structure of the advisory process. And you have expanded your own behavioural repertoire, which helps you to choose the right advisory strategy in a wide range of situations. The training comprises six half-days in which theory and practical insights are addressed and participants practise converting their new knowledge into real-life skills.

Want to make your people even better advisers?

Book a 3-day training course for the whole team and we will maximise efficiency in your business.  

Want an introduction to advisory skills?

Book an introductory day for the whole team.

Want an inspiring, interactive lecture?

Book the advisory skills lecture!

What are the benefits?

More fun in your work!

What does it cost?

  • Lecture, in groups of 2-100 people, one 3-hour half-day, € 1200,-

  • One-day training course, in groups of 2-25 people, two 3-hour half-days, € 1800,-

  • 3-day training course, in groups of 2-25 people, 3 days, € 5100,-
    Best option for 3-day training course: starting on Wednesday evening at 20:00 hours and ending on Friday afternoon at 16:30 hours; 6 half-days over 2.5 days, including 2 evenings and 2 overnight stays.

Prices are irrespective of the number of participants.
Prices include preparation time and course material.
Prices are exclusive of expenses: travel costs of € 0.75 per km, course room/hall hire, projector, tea and coffee, meals, overnight stay, etc.
Prices exclude VAT.

Want to know more about training courses and lectures?

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