Hello there,

How are you doing today?
You often get on better if you spend less time talking and living at cross purposes. This basis for this is listening, summarising and asking questions. This is not the same as getting your own views or ideas in straight away… or just listening silently… There are many methods of getting through to your fellow man more closely.

Confronting, informing, advising is a very effective method. But take care: informing is a 2-way street. You are informed by the person facing you… Only then can you tell him or her something useful.
Looking, thinking, doing.Watching the body language closely and thinking about it for a minute yields a lot of interesting information. You soon know what you have to do.

Every contact between people involves content, process and procedure.
What is it about? (content),
How does it come over? (process)
What do you do next, is there enough time, what do we agree? (procedure).
What are you already good at, where is there room for improvement?


What are the benefits? 

Life becomes a bit easier if you can make contact better.
More fun in your work!

What does it cost?  

  • Lecture, in groups of 2-100 people, one 3-hour half-day, € 1200,-

  • One-day training course, in groups of 2-25 people, two 3-hour half-days, € 1800,-

  • 3-day training course, in groups of 2-25 people, 3 days, € 5100,-
    Best option for 3-day training course: starting on Wednesday evening at 20:00 hours and ending on Friday afternoon at 16:30 hours; 6 half-days over 2.5 days, including 2 evenings and 2 overnight stays.


Prices are irrespective of the number of participants.
Prices include preparation time and course material.
Prices are exclusive of expenses: travel costs of € 0.75 per km, course room/hall hire, projector, tea and coffee, meals, overnight stay, etc.
Prices exclude VAT.

Want to know more about training courses and lectures?

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