Marketing and sales, as if we care…
It’s easy to be laissez-faire about it, but something will have to be done to get our products to the consumer.‘Be good and tell it’. If you don’t say anything, no-one will know they can come to you.

How do you teach a specialist such as a doctor, vet, engineer, scientist, feed consultant or barn designer how to advertise and sell his wares effectively?

Vetvice has many years’ experience of acting as a marketing consultant to businesses in the agricultural sector. I myself spent 3 years working as a product manager for a veterinary drugs firm, Boehringer Ingelheim, in Alkmaar. During that period I also worked as a marketing trainer for vets via the VAA, a Dutch association of medical professionals. In the space of 3 years, we then brought our own product CowSignals® onto the market in the form of training courses and books. The concept has now been sold to 20 countries in 7 languages.

Our passion is bringing people a step closer to success.

What are the benefits?

This training course leaves you with a better understanding of marketing and sales opportunities. Many practical tips, examples and exercises ultimately enhance your self-confidence in the field of (active) sales! In the week after the course you get straight down to work in your own business!


What does it cost? 

  • Lecture, in groups of 2-100 people, one 3-hour half-day, € 1200,-

  • One-day training course, in groups of 2-25 people, two 3-hour half-days, € 1800,-

  • 3-day training course, in groups of 2-25 people, 3 days, € 5100,-
    Best option for 3-day training course: starting on Wednesday evening at 20:00 hours and ending on Friday afternoon at 16:30 hours; 6 half-days over 2.5 days, including 2 evenings and 2 overnight stays.

Prices are irrespective of the number of participants.
Prices include preparation time and course material.
Prices are exclusive of expenses: travel costs of € 0.75 per km, course room/room hire, projector, tea and coffee, meals, overnight stay, etc.
Prices exclude VAT.

Want to know more about training courses and lectures? 

Call Joep Driessen +31-(0)6-54267353 or mail [email protected]