Train de trainer

How do I become a good trainer? How do I achieve my aims with this group? I’d like to come across a bit better in presentations. How do I get good interaction with the group? What do I do with that awkward customer who’s going to ruin the whole process?

There is still a lot to learn. Working with groups of people is tremendously fascinating and instructive and a lot of fun. Our passion is helping people to improve their skills in working with groups. It starts with empathising with your fellow man. Ask the right questions. Find a good mix between content, process and procedure.

We have been training vets, drugs company field workers, feed consultants and barn design consultants for years now with the aim of  becoming a successful trainer. We are currently training people to become a CowSignals trainer in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark. 











What does it cost?

  • Lecture, in groups of 2-100 people, one 3-hour half-day, € 1200,-

  • One-day training course, in groups of 2-25 people, two 3-hour half-days, € 1800,-

  • 3-day training course, in groups of 2-25 people, 3 days, € 5100,-
    Best option for 3-day training course: starting on Wednesday evening at 20:00 hours and ending on Friday afternoon at 16:30 hours; 6 half-days over 2.5 days, including 2 evenings and 2 overnight stays.


Prices are irrespective of the number of participants.
Prices include preparation time and course material.
Prices are exclusive of expenses: travel costs of € 0.75 per km, course room/hall hire, projector, tea and coffee, meals, overnight stay, etc.
Prices exclude VAT.

Want to know more about training courses and lectures?

Call Joep Driessen on +31-(0)-654267353 or e-mail [email protected]

What do you want to learn?

Advisory Skills, Group Processes, Presentation, Selling?
We are happy to create the right mix specially for your group. Just tell us what you need. We are here to help. 

What are the benefits?

Our training courses make you a better trainer, presenter, facilitator, motivator, coach or group leader.
More fun in your work!