Dairy Management

When one person isn’t enough to do the work any more, that’s when you, the dairy farmer, have to start managing. And at that point Vetvice can support you in your personal development and help with practical advice and technical aids.

Want to broaden your knowledge of managing and organising a dairy farm, at your leisure? Start by reading the books in the Future Farming series. Then, for information on cow-oriented management areas, you can move on to the CowSignals books. And if you need specific advice tailored to your farm, ask one of our consultants.

Vetvice is continuously giving training courses and presentations on the management and organisation of dairy farms, work efficiency, working with standard procedures (protocols), working with a schedule and working with staff.

We have developed a number of well-known concepts such as ‘Rule 1 for Work Efficiency’ and ‘Robotic milking, the 3 success factors for the cow’. And we are gaining new knowledge and experience every day, which we convert into even better training courses, books, concepts and advice. So invite us to visit you!