Dairy Management Training & Lectures

Dairy Management Training

Vetvice offers the following standard Dairy Management presentations.
In consultation with you, we can also offer lectures on different topics. The costs depend partly on the amount of preparation time involved.

Work efficiency, how do you do that?

Everyone’s talking about it, but who’s tackling it systematically and with a thorough understanding? Work efficiency can also be managed and improved. You should really be talking about “work productivity”, because in the end it’s about the production you achieve per unit of time.

Vetvice reviews your barn design, procedures, schedule and materials with you systematically, pointing out potential improvements as you go.

The aim is to do more in less time. And we also consider it important that the work should be safe, enjoyable and not too physically taxing.  

The Vetvice consultants visit dairy farms all over the world to provide training and advice. We know what options are available and, in partnership with you, are able to choose the best approach.
To help you in this respect, we offer the following products:

  • A lecture: Work efficiency, how do you do that?       (€ 795)

  • The Vetvice Workscan on your farm (€ 545)

  • The Vetvice Workscan with your study group         (€ 1495/day)

Prices exclude travel costs and 19% VAT.

Want to know more about training courses and lectures?

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Working with standard procedures (protocols) and a schedule

If you always do the same work in the same way, you can organise your time and farm more efficiently. And there is less need to consult each other. 

Standard procedures are worked out together, with all the workers on the farm. This joint thinking, consulting, coordinating and organising process is just as important as the end result: the ideal procedure. You then have to put the procedure down on paper (the protocol) to make sure everyone’s thinking the same way. It’s also useful when showing a new worker the ropes.

Being successful with standard procedures means going through a joint process in which you open yourself up to scrutiny and chuck out the established routines. In which you work together to choose the procedure that is most appropriate and gives you the best chance of achieving the very best results (“If I work like this I’ll be working in the easiest, fastest, best and funnest way!”). And in which you make arrangements and clarify your responsibility for each other… (“If I work differently it will make things difficult for everyone…”)

And then you draw up a schedule, or the other way round. The order doesn’t matter much because the two are inextricably linked…

Vetvice understands cows and the work in the barn, and we know how to get people and processes working well, and working well together.
To help you in this respect, we offer the following products:

  • A lecture: “Get it right in one go: working with standard procedures and a schedule” (€ 795)

  • Consultancy project “Working with standard procedures and a schedule” (prices on request)

  • Workshop “Get it right in one go” with your study group (€ 1495/day)

Prices exclude travel costs and 19% VAT.



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