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Vetvice organises their second international Barn Designer Course from 7 until 10 December 2015 in the Netherlands. Parallel with the successful Certified CowSignals Trainers program and in imitation of last years’ successful first Barn...
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Although pipe benders will argue that freestall design is a major factor in cow comfort, there is little doubt that what is under the cow is one of the most important aspects of the stall. Cow comfort and health, labour efficiency, and bedding and...
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Family Duizer received the Ontario Innovation Award for their Vetvice-DairyLogix barn in April 2011.   http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/premier_award/2010/winners/minister.htm
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“One problem cow costs as much time as 40 healthy ones, so a good businessman invests heavily in cow health and welfare.” A good barn is 100% geared to the needs of the cow, to keep the animals healthy and productive. In addition,...
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When one person isn’t enough to do the work any more, that’s when you, the dairy farmer, have to start managing. And at that point Vetvice can support you in your personal development and help with practical advice and technical aids....
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CowSignals Training Company on We’ll 2013 We need to feed more and more people every day, which means the agricultural sector is facing both challenges and opportunities.   We’ll generate momentum to maximise the benefits...
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New poster CowSignals worldwide coverage!