Training Courses & Lectures

Vetvice verzorgt op twee manieren lezingen & trainingen, namelijk:
1. Volledig door ons georganiseerde trainingen waarop u zich als deelnemer kunt inschrijven: Open inschrijvingen.
2. Voor een opdrachtgever die ons inhuurt: Lezingen en trainingen in opdracht.

1. Open inschrijvingen

Inschrijving kan per e-mail: [email protected] en per telefoon: 0165 304 305.
Op dit moment hebben wij de volgende trainingen en activiteiten gepland: Data Training.



2. Training courses and lectures

We give these lectures and training courses in all of our divisions and offer a range of “standard presentations” and “standard lectures”. These are excellent programmes which require relatively little preparation time. You are assured of intrinsic quality and a lively presentation, with a good price/quality ratio. In consultation with you, we can also deliver tailor-made presentations. These do of course cost more, on account of the extra preparation involved.

Our clients for lectures and training courses include dairy farmers and farm workers, field staff for mixed feed companies and breeders’ organisations, barn designers, vets and farm relief workers.

A list of topics of standard training courses and presentations is given below. Also look elsewhere on this site under the areas that interest you, because other topics may also be offered there. And it may give you some ideas for a tailor-made training course or lecture.

Cowsignals training

  • Cow signals

  • Hoof signals

  • Rearing calves and heifers

  • Dry cows and transition

  • Fertility signals

  • Building for the cow 

Barn Design training

  • Building a barn for cow, farmer and future

  • Robotic milking

          Cowsignals robotic milking

          Building for a milking robot

          Managing a milking robot barn


Dairy Management training

  • Working with standard procedures and a schedule

  • Work efficiency, how do you do that?


Communication & Advice training

  • Advisory skills

  • Communication

  • Marketing

  • Train the trainer

Cursusdata Certified CowSignals Training

Geïnteresseerd in zelf een Koesignalentrainer® worden? Voor meer informatie, neem vrijblijvend contact op met [email protected] en zie voor meer informatie de Gecertificeerde Koesignalen Trainers pagina.